Tote Bags Come Most Handy At Trade Fairs

While participating in Trade Shows proves beneficial for manufacturers, wholesalers and agency houses; for Richie Bags, globally recognized jute and cotton fancy handbag manufacturers and marketers, these exposures provide added advantages. So, let us take a sneak peek at some of the usual benefits of attending Trade shows that Richie Bags shares with others first, the additional benefits will appear duly before the conclusions are drawn.


Benefits of attending Trade Shows

Helps attaining knowledge and exposure to new trends and novel resources that could herald more cost effective productivity and newer resources for generating better ROI. Besides, it gives better opportunity to know what is ‘hot’ and what is fading away – in short, the prevailing drift in world consumer merchandise.

Provides informal opportunity to come into contact with numerous other manufacturers and marketers, worldwide (especially true in the case of Hong Kong Trade Fairs) as a result of which untapped markets are often opened up without much ado.

Spread of awareness of the harmful effects of using plastic bags and benefits of using biodegradable jute/cotton bags is more easily achieved in global ambience, while favorable response ensures healthier environment for the future generation.

Get reviewed by the media sans any direct expenditure about products, especially biodegradable, environment friendly products that are useful, trendy and cost effective. This serves as complimentary publicity for the products or services.


Additional benefits devised and enjoyed by Richie Bags

People visiting large international Trade fairs are often confronted with an immense issue that involves collecting freebies at random, while having no receptacle for storing such commercial gifts. The issue hits ladies more as their costumes are not equipped with as many pockets as their male counterparts possess.

The scenario will become all the more hazardous when visiting Hong Kong Trade Fair 2017 in April this year scheduled to have more than 8000 stalls  covering every type of consumer goods conceivable.

However, Richie Bags have devised a groundbreaking response to this tricky problem where selected visitors will be provided with jute Tote Bags manufactured by the company with its logo flashed on both sides in bright luminous color.  On one hand,  the visitor will remain grateful for solving their problem, while on the other, the company will have mobile publicity, unwittingly being performed by  the happy accomplice.



While most participants to world class Trade Fairs benefit taking part in these exposures, doling out minor gifts to visitors,  Richie  Bags will reap the best harvest by way of giving gift that would serve an important purpose. The printed company logo on the Tote Bags is simply superb.


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