Trendy Cotton Tote Bags Are The Ultimate Choice Of Fashionable Ladies

More For Saving Our Lonely Planet From Pollution Than Other Preferences

Sad to say, shopping malls no more  provide customers with free plastic shopping bags; and yet happy   to see that they insist on selling cotton tote bags at a nominal price as carry bags. No; there are no anomalies or misconceptions lurking in the preceding sentence. On the other hand, it indicates the vendor’s eagerness to make the consumer aware of the hazards, especially of atmospheric pollution through plastic that can continue for over a century. As landfill, they vitiate the mother earth, harming the crop, while being swept into the ocean they contribute towards wanton killing of marine life. No wonder dead whales are often seen floating near sea beaches in many countries of the world.


Cotton tote bags manufactured by globally recognized Richie Bags (Richie Bags & Fashions Pvt.Ltd), on the other hand are self-destroyable or bio-degradable within a short period of time after being discarded and so do not harm the environment. What’s more, they are reusable too, thus compensating that minor out-of-pocket outlay.


Tough, yet resilient

Cotton carry bags, on account of their inherent strength because of the material which itself is more wear worthy than plastic  prove useful in carrying groceries, which are usually indented in bulk quantity, from supermarkets to the waiting car, as also from the garage to the basement. Some cotton carry bags are also reinforced with additional cardboard bases to make them carry more loads. In this respect, cotton carry bags prove more reliable than paper bags that tend to rupture if coming into contact with moisture.


Color and Style

Contemporary cotton Tote Bags made and marketed by Richie Bags display a true riot of colors. Right from bright living colors that are often used to produce a contrasting pattern to mellow silk screen prints, they provide a feats for the eyes. Then there are designer cotton bags that have their own signatures and custom cotton totes that carry company messages.  Reusable cotton tote bags also provide a style statement about green living by way of depicting a plant or puppies huddled together in a beige basket.

As for designs,  these could be as innovative as  the vast range of hybrid cars and wearable computers. Designs for cotton tote bags are also often borrowed from upscale  classic manufacturers such as Hermes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton.


Promotional cotton tote bags increase brand value

Businesses have now realized that promotional cotton tote bags can indeed help branding of their product since they last longer,  as compared to plastic bags, and so the brand memory linger  longer  too. That’s precisely why promotional cotton tote bags manufactured by Richie Bags and  printed with company logo and/or messages are currently considered as essential part of a company’s marketing menu. Why, it has become a routine exercise for Richie Bags  to distribute printed cotton tote bags at Trade Shows all over the world.

Nevertheless, distributing promotional cotton tote bags feature a special charm since it has a tremendous utility value.


Best promotional product

Admittedly, people love to have free gifts, regardless of whether it is promotional product or not. However, compared to promotional gifts such as coffee mugs, pens, calendars, tee-shirts or free samples, a trendy cotton shopping bag made by Richie Bags is a far more effective proposition. It can not only be used over and over again, but also can be machine washed and stored when not in use.

Promotional cotton tote bags feature yet another advantage for the promoting company by way of providing adequate space for printing company slogan and large logo which is not so suitable with pens or coffee mugs. A cotton carry bag offers both sides for printing messages in bold typeface for easy reading by elderly people too.



Happily, many countries such as Austria, Bangladesh, Ireland, Italy, South Africa and other major countries have already banned the use of plastic bags, while a lot more are going to follow suit – a trend that will make people depend more on cloth or jute tote bags instead of harmful plastic bags. The world is no doubt moving in the right direction towards creating a better environment for all.

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