Explore the Amazing World of Fancy Jute Bags

If you want to explore the amazing world of eco-friendly fancy jute bags, your best option will be to visit Richie Bags a premiere organization that specializes in designing, fabricating and manufacturing a wide array of jute and cotton bags.

As a pioneering enterprise that grew up under the care and entrepreneurship of two far-sighted individuals, Mr. Lahoti and Mr. Binani,  Richie Bags today manufactures and exports designer jute and cotton bags to more than 25 world countries  that include Germany, France, Italy, Spain, as also the U.K. and the U.S.A. What’s more, Richie Bags products are universally appreciated by leading import houses, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical companies, international banking and financial institutions, Books and periodicals publishing houses and wineries all over the world for their bio-degradable structure and outstanding features.


Looks vis-à-vis Durability

Richie Bags products are best known for their visual appeal as well as unbelievable resilience and constancy. Among some of the fast selling items that the company is famed for are Tote Bags, Promotional bags, Wine Bags, Cosmetic bags and Beach bags. However, such popularity and reputation can be attributed to selection of right raw material and flawless production process. Another key factor that contributes to the high standard of productivity is the manufacturing process that is conducted under one roof so that the chance of the proverbial ‘slip between the cup and the lip’ can be thoroughly eliminated.


Product Familiarity will Boost your Exploration Process

Your exploration process will become more meaningful if you could discover the history behind some of the bags manufactured and marketed by Richie Bags. For instance,  if you feel inquisitive about the origin of Tote bags, here is the answer. The expression ‘tote’ that stands for “to carry” even though originating in the 17th century was not used for bags till the beginning of 1900. Nevertheless, the craze for ‘Tote Bags’ in the United States started in the forties with the creation and sale of L.L. Bean’s ‘Boat Bag’ in 1944. However, tote bags actually entered into the carry bag culture in full scale during the fifties when women mostly utilized these handheld bags since they seldom needed any special attention or care. But it was only during the sixties when tote bags symbolized style and resilience to win the heart of Americans, when Bonnie Cohen started selling her specialized line of tote bags called ‘Cashin carry Tote bags’. Later, during the 1990s, Kate Spade showcased how American culture had eventually embraced ‘Tote Bags’ by way of using these as carefree fashionable carry bags. Today fashion loving consumers can select their tote bags from those manufactured and marketed by Richie Bags.

The history of Promotional Bags seems to be a little more realistic. Way back in 1886, a self-styled Ohio newspaperman named Jasper Meek who printed and published his own news bulletin had approached a shoe store owner with the proposal that he would print ad messages for the shoe shop on bags, which could be given away with each and every shoe purchase. This served dual purpose –on one hand, jasper made money by utilizing the printing press between publishing editions of his news bulletin, while the shoe shop owner got extra publicity through messages printed on his promotional bags. However, you can now choose promotional bags for your company and get them printed and produced by well known manufacturer, Richie Bags. (Courtesy http://www.qualitylogoproducts.com/blog/history-of-promotional-products).

And now about the utility of the Wine Bags that are also manufactured and marketed by Richie Bags.  As we all know it well that wine tastes best when it is chilled and it poses no problem as long as you are consuming it in your home. But what happens if you want to drink your favorite wine while on the go?. Wine bags or wine carrier bags made by Richie bags serve that purpose effectively and well. In other words, it keeps the wine sufficiently chilled even after being removed from the refrigerator. Of course, wine bags are also found very useful as a form of gift when you are sending a bottle of wine to someone near and dear.

Since the company manufactures wine bags in many styles and sizes, you can always choose your wine bag and get it shipped to your chosen destination against payment through your credit card.


Attend Trade Fairs to Select Fancy Jute Bags

You can also choose your eco-friendly fancy jute bags by attending trade fairs participated by Richie bags on regular basis. For instance, the company will be taking part in the forthcoming IHGF (Spring) Fair in Noida, Delhi in February, 2016, as also in Ambiente, Frankfurt, Germany in the same month (Check our Home Page’s “FORTHCOMING FAIRS” for upcoming Fair of Richie Bags).

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