What Makes You Think Banning Plastic Bags is An Environment Friendly Issue? Can You Substantiate Your Views?

Even if I may not be able to substantiate the issue fully or convince you why plastic bags should be banned forever, the following persons who participated in the forum have explicitly clarified the question beyond doubt. Please read on to know more about it.


Steve Warden:

Continued use of plastic bags is nothing short of posing grave hazard to the environment on account of their non-degradable properties. Incidentally, degradable means capable of being decomposed or destroyed by bacteria or other living organisms , thus circumventing environment pollution, while non-degradable means not having such properties and so creating pollution.


Nevertheless, plastic bags litter the thoroughfares, choke the drains causing flooding of the roads during monsoon and pollute the oceans causing destruction of marine life. Chocking of the drains gives rise to breeding of various vector borne diseases on one hand, while putting heavy strain on civic authorities for physically removing the bags to resume proper working of the sewerage system. Recent reporting of large scale destruction of whales caused by plastic ingestion is a reminder of how plastic bags are destroying our marine wealth. What is more, the sea food that we consume so adoringly is also being contaminated by toxic materials emanating from plastic bags that reach our oceans through various rivers and sundry water channels. So, banning the use of plastic bags will be the most environ friendly issue at the moment.


Sandra Lee

Merely imposing the ban, I presume, is not enough. In fact, it is more important to spread the awareness among people about the toxic element present in plastic that are vitiating the soil on which plants bearing our basic food items grow. Millions of plastic bags that are now used as land filling remain intact for years to come, polluting the mother earth in a continuous harmful process. Unless this awareness is created all over our lonely planet in the form of  campaigns, people will stick to their old habit of using plastic bags for the sake of convenience and cost. Apart from governmental bodies, NGOs from all over the world should come forward to warn the public about how plastic bags are creating havoc in our environment and should, therefore, stop using them. And when the demand for plastic bags is no more there, the supply will automatically be stopped.


Anthonio Lopez

For those who are riddled with the query about “what is the alternative”, I have a ready answer: Use Jute or Cotton bags instead.  I also have a ready  answer to the next query that asks “Why?”The reasons are simple, yet very much relevant. Jute and cotton are both biodegradable materials, meaning that these nature friendly or natural products can be naturally destroyed or eliminated from the face of the earth and so do not pollute the environment as plastic does. Besides, jute is:

  • The most cost effective vegetable fiber obtained from plants that hardly need any form of fertilizer or artificial plant food.
  • Is the second most usable vegetable fiber after cotton.
  • Is a breathable fiber and so is most nature friendly.
  • Is strong, durable and free of any disagreeable odor.
  • Can be easily blended with other natural fiber like Wool, Pina, Remie, Mohair and Silk.


James Alderman

While I fully endorse the view expressed by the participants cited above, I may be permitted to use a word of caution about indenting jute carry bags, restricting such activities by way of procuring them only from globally recognized manufacturers such as Richie Bags and Fashions Pvt Ltd. Jute (and cotton) fancy carry bags produced by this company are exported to a large number of overseas countries that include France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. The importers usually comprise food and beverage packing industries, cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturers, shopping malls, sundry retailers, wineries and many more.



While on one hand, use of plastic bags must be banned forthwith to save our environment, jute carry bags need to be indented only from recognized suppliers to ensure that the products are made only from jute fiber and are not blended with synthetic material. Only then our vision for green earth will be fulfilled.

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