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cosmetic bags

cosmetic bags

These beautifully designed cosmetic bags are made available for you to accommodate all your pricey makeup, cosmetics and ornaments. It is highly durable, chemically resistant and represents a refined look. With the availability of these bags in Jute and Cotton fabric, you can get the opportunity to use bio-degradable bags for preserving your favorite cosmetics. It is small, handy, spacious and very fashionable. You can choose your right choice from one of our product catalogues for your personal use or you may use it as a perfect gift for your friend.

Cotton Cosmetic bags

Our Cotton cosmetic bags are very fashionable and classy in look. It features a soft and spacious body, where you can keep all your valuable cosmetics with the utmost protection. These Cotton bags are chemical proof, so spill out of any makeup will not affect its aesthetic feature.  Preserve your cosmetics and stay stylish with our cool cosmetic bags.

Jute Cosmetic bags

The Jute cosmetic bags are very fashionable and unique in nature. Unlike the other cosmetic bags, these bags will create a style statement due to its variety of designs, sizes and colors. Starting from round shaped to that of a square and oval shaped bags, all the bags are crafted very beautifully to keep your cosmetics safely.