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A Helping hand from various companies will change the face of society faster and will go a longer way than any policy or scheme. This has been our core value and belief that has motivated Richie Bags to take up various projects for the betterment of society.

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Our Love For The Environment

Richie Bags has tied up with a few schools and institutions in rural areas of the country and has taken up the responsibility to finance the students till class 5 to get the basic education. Not only this,

Richie Bags has also provided a few stitching machines to the Rural women who are otherwise interested to work and earn money for their families but are bound by various norms of society.

Richie Bags had taken up the responsibility of 2 families and provided for their health care facilities and will continue to do so in the future.

Welfare Of The Employees - The Backbone Of Richie Bags

Our process of production is eco-friendly and the employees are strictly instructed to wear masks and gloves during work for their protection. This is done to maintain a proper environment that is hygienic for the other employees as well. For the safety of the employees, machines such as Emergency Eye Wash station in the printing area have been put. We have both male and female workers working in our factory. There are separate washroom facilities for the same. There is a canteen set up in our Factory Premises for the benefits of workers.

The employees are also provided with Mediclaim facilities. They are also covered under Employees’ State Insurance where medical and health insurance is at their disposal. They are also covered in Provident Fund Scheme. Richie Bags follows the law of land in paying their workers the minimum wages. Richie Bags gives its employees the freedom to make an association and to join trade unions of their choice to bargain collectively. Richie Bags is strictly against child labor and follows the same.

Carbon footprint

Richie Bags is indebted to its consumers worldwide, who have made this name synonymous with that of a company that ensures 100% adherence to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Adhering to its “Clean Environment – Green Environment policy, Richie Bags leaves no stones unturned to preserve the purity and sanctity of nature. It uses State-of-the-art devices to ensure that nature doesn’t get hampered by excessive emission of Carbon Dioxide or Methane gas that might have a lethal effect on nature. To reduce Carbon Footprints, Richie Bags does its best to reduce the dependence on
carbon-emitting fuels and also tries to reduce the quantity of energy needed for the production of the Jute bags.

Carbon Neutral

Richie Bags leaves no room for an excessive amount of carbon dioxide or other ecologically harmful gas emissions, as it firmly believes in a “Clean and Green environment”. It gives a thumbs up to the concept of Carbon Neutrality and ensures that the Carbon emissions are balanced by an equivalent amount of harmful gases emission sequestered or offset, alternatively it buys enough carbon credits to make up the difference. Planting trees regularly has been a part and parcel of the 100 odd employees at Richie Bags, who do it wholeheartedly with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.


Tips for being Eco-friendly

“What we take for granted might not be here for our children’’ - Al Gore

Yes, you got it right! Have we ever questioned ourselves as to what we are doing for our environment?
We, at Richie Bags, believe that every individual can contribute in their own little way to the environment which will together have a larger impact on society.
So, here are some small tips for you that you can follow to make our Home, your Home (i.e. our planet – Earth) Green & Clean:

1. Throw the garbage in dustbins only. Make it a point not to litter the roads or throw any waste materials anywhere on the road.

2. Reuse whatever items you can instead of buying them again and again. Recycle household items, glass, paper, and plastics.

3. SAVE Paper and indirectly you would be saving wood!!! Before throwing away that white sheet of paper, do make sure you have used it absolutely fruitfully!!

4. SAVE water! The most essential part of our lives! If you ever see a tap open with water dripping away merrily, close the tap. Use water as effectively and efficiently as possible.

5. ELECTRICITY! This is another important aspect. As much as we require air, water, we also require Electricity, though, not to sustain ourselves but to make our lives easier. So, in turn, we could just make sure that we do not leave lights and fans on when it is not required. In that way, it will not only be easy on our pockets but also we would be saving Earth’s energy equally.

6. If your workplace/ school are nearby, try using public transport instead of taking out your car every time or you can walk down if possible. By doing that, you would not be adding to the pollution and conserving nature.

7. If possible plant a sapling that would act as a perfect gift to nature, would add in providing you fresh air, and will also inspire people around you to take a step in enhancing the lives of the future generation.

8. Social Media has become a powerful tool of change and awareness now. All one has to do now is spread the word around on how important it is to keep your environment clean on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc., and half your work is done.

9. There may be used batteries and bulb lights at home, please make sure you do not throw them where you dispose of your regular waste matter. Give it to local shops which accept such used batteries and bulbs.

10. DO NOT use plastic bags as they are non-bio-degradable and definitely not Eco-friendly. Therefore go for bags made out of cotton or jute as they are Reusable, Eco-friendly, and Bio-degradable.

Who? If not Us?

Where? If not Earth?

When? If not Now?

Today is the day! Make Environment day every day. Protect your home. Think green.
Go green with Richie Bags.


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