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A helping hand extended by several conscious organisations is a strong force to build a better society and environment. A focused initiative that is bent on going a long way in bridging reformative gaps than any policy or scheme. This has been our core value and belief that has driven Richie Bags to embrace our corporate social responsibility for the welfare of society.

Richie Bags Corporate Social Responsibility

Bringing People and the Environment Together In A Sustainable Culture

Education is Liberation: Richie Bags has affiliated with more than 10 schools and educational institutes across several rural areas in India. A part of our profits goes into funding primary and secondary education for children in all these schools.

Empowered Women. Empowered Society: We have provided stitching machines to hundreds of women in Indian rural regions. A single machine means a new way of life – these women can learn high-quality stitching and start making income for themselves and their families without leaving the home.

Healthcare Facilities for Workers: We provide basic healthcare coverage and facilities to our workers and also frequently organise funding for them and their family members to get speciality healthcare for critical illnesses.

Richie Bags Employee Welfare Policies - Our Workers Are The Backbone Of Our Organisation

We take responsibility for the optimal Health & Safety of our workers and ensure a holistic Quality of Work-Life (QoWL) for all. Our unity is our greatest strength.

Richie Bags follows strict rules and has clear methods to diligently train, mentor, manage and compensate our employees. We ensure that each day at the workplace begins and ends with the same level of positivity and cohesion. We don’t have the delusion that nothing can go wrong. Instead, we are ready, disciplined, and equipped to handle any unexpected challenges at any moment.

Eco-Friendly Production Process: We don’t use hazardous or toxic chemicals or substances at any point of production that can expose our workers to any present danger or long-term health risk.

Employee Safety First: Employees are strictly instructed to wear masks and gloves at the production unit. This is to maintain a clean and hygienic atmosphere for themselves and other staff.

Emergency Eye Wash Machine: We have installed an emergency eye wash machine in the printing area to aid the workers for maximum safety and relief.

Gender-Neutral Workplace: We employ both men and women and pay them equally. We have a flexible and secure workplace that is completely safe for women. There are separate clean and maintained washroom areas for men and women.

Canteen for Factory Members: We have a well-stocked canteen space on the factory grounds where workers can eat proper meals and socialise with their coworkers. Employees who live alone may save time by having their lunch at the canteen instead of cooking.

Richie Bags Provides Medical Insurance for All Employees: All our permanent employees have access to Mediclaim and are covered by the Employees’ State Insurance.

Provident Fund Scheme: Employees might choose to invest in the corporate Provident Fund for long-term savings to support their retirement. They can select any proportion that is comfortable for them.

At Richie Bags, we abide by the law of the land and always pay our employees the standard wage. Our employees have the freedom to create and join trade unions of their choosing to raise causes, make demands and bargain collectively. Our management consistently responds to the requirements of our employees with concern and responsibility.

Carbon footprint

In Pursuit of Sustainable Production Lifecycles: Our Results Are Our Greatest Message

Richie Bags, we abide by a “Clean Environment – Green Environment policy,” and leave no stone unturned to protect nature’s purity and balance. To lower our carbon footprint as much as possible, we have embraced innovative technologies and manufacturing practices.

Reduce: We have installed state-of-the-art machinery in our factory to reduce our energy consumption, water consumption and carbon emissions.

Reuse: We use several renewable resources and practices involving manual processing that reduce waste.

Recycle: We have a recycling unit where we work with damaged materials and also produce our exclusive range of recycled cotton bags organically.

To lessen our carbon footprint, taking one step at a time is a more sustainable and reliable strategy. There are no big leaps to this. What works for us works for everyone. We have had tremendous success in our endeavours. Our results are our message to other industries and society.

Our Carbon Neutral Methodology

For Producing Finest Eco-Friendly Bags

Richie Bags is indebted to its consumers worldwide, who have given us immense industry recognition and acclaim as a sustainable organisation that ensures 100% adherence to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Carbon Neutrality.

The machinery, substances and production procedures that we use play a key role in reducing our carbon footprint. We fully comply with our responsibilities of Carbon Neutrality and ensure that our carbon emissions are balanced by an equivalent quantity of emissions that are sequestered or offset. Alternatively, we have purchased enough carbon credits to compensate.

We frequently organise events for planting trees. On several occasions, our staff members, government and non-government organisations and authoritative institutions have come together to participate in our causes and events. Thus we move further in our carbon-neutral efforts with wholehearted zeal and enthusiasm.


It Is Time To Make Sustainability A Way Of Life.

“What We Take For Granted Might Not Be Here In Our Children’’ - Al Gore

Replacing Plastic Bags With Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Bags: Plastic is not the problem. How we use single-use plastic bags and other objects and dispose of them, is the real problem. Therefore, we are on a mission to make eco-friendly bags made out of cotton or jute the new normal.

Fighting Against Industrial Pollution: Richie Bags is a pioneering jute bags manufacturing company, where we have introduced new and innovative ways to make our development processes more and more eco-conscious. And we will continue to do so in the future, to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce industrial pollution.

Water Conservation Projects: We at Richie Bags are mending our ways to reduce the use of groundwater and save our natural water bodies from industrial contaminants. We will endorse new industrial methods to use water more efficiently and improve wastewater management.

Energy Efficient Production: We got to turn it off! Just like water, we are also on a quest to endorse more energy-efficient production methods. We are looking to switch to renewable energy and include more sustainable handmade production processes ethically.

Spread The Message of Sustainability: We will continue to participate in global conventions and events and will heavily use social media to spread the message about sustainability to our loyal customers and everyone else who cares.

1. Throw the garbage in dustbins only. Make it a point not to litter the roads or throw any waste materials anywhere on the road.

2. Reuse whatever items you can instead of buying them again and again. Recycle household items, glass, paper, and plastics.

3. SAVE Paper and indirectly you would be saving wood!!! Before throwing away that white sheet of paper, do make sure you have used it absolutely fruitfully!!

4. SAVE water! The most essential part of our lives! If you ever see a tap open with water dripping away merrily, close the tap. So, avoid freshwater wastage, and make sure to use water efficiently and effectively.

5. ELECTRICITY! This is another important aspect. As much as we require air and water, we also require Electricity, though, not to sustain ourselves but to make our lives easier. So, in turn, we could just make sure that we do not leave lights and fans on when it is not required. In that way, it will not only be easy on our pockets but also, we would be saving Earth’s energy equally.

6. If your workplace/ school are nearby, try using public transport instead of taking out your car every time or you can walk down if possible. By doing that, you would not be adding to the pollution and conserving nature.

7. If possible, plant a sapling that would act as a perfect gift to nature, would add in providing you fresh air, and will also inspire people around you to take a step in enhancing the lives of the future generation.

8. Social Media has become a powerful tool of change and awareness now. All one has to do now is spread the word around on how important it is to keep your environment clean on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc., and half your work is done.

9. There may be used batteries and bulb lights at home, please make sure you do not throw them where you dispose of your regular waste matter. Give it to local shops which accept such used batteries and bulbs.

10. DO NOT use plastic bags as they are non-bio-degradable and definitely not Eco-friendly. Therefore, go for bags made out of cotton or jute as they are Reusable, Eco-friendly, and Bio-degradable.

Who? If not Us?

Where? If not Earth?

When? If not Now?

At Richie Bags, Every Day is Environmental Day. Our home is our planet. Through our CSR practices, we at Richie Bags aim to build a sustainable society.

We Manufacture A Wide Range of Eco-Friendly Home Accessories and Lifestyle Products

Apart from the premium quality fashion bags and shopping bags, we also manufacture other home & lifestyle products made of jute, cotton, and recycled materials. Keep exploring to make the most of our sustainable resources. .

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