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Organic Cotton Bags

Our range of Organic Cotton Bags are manufactured with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. The production of organic cotton is based entirely on natural processes, ruling out the use of hazardous chemicals and GMO. It also requires 70% less water and 62% less energy than conventional cotton production. Due to the absence of toxic chemicals, the water and air are least exposed to pollution. As a result of which, we have successfully reformed a safer and healthier working environment for the farmers and labors that are a part of Richie Bags, as well as leave behind an undamaged ecosystem.

Thus, the GOTS certification makes us recognizable as a socially and environmentally compliant manufacturer of premium cotton bags. And we at Richie Bags are proud to be a part of this sustainable culture. For every organic cotton bag you buy, this is an investment towards water and energy conservation, better soil and sustained livelihoods of the people and fauna— the entire ecosystem.

Our range of Organic Cotton Bags is available on B2B wholesale. These can be customized as per color, size and print. We supply to diverse businesses across 24 countries worldwide, including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain and Japan. Contact us for free quotes and product queries.