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Bags Manufacturing Process

Let’s dive in to see how a Jute fiber is turned into a stylish colorful Jute Bag in our Factory:


Jute Plant (CorchorusCapsularis)

In India, Jute is mainly cultivated in West Bengal, Bihar, and Assam in the rainy season. The Jute Fiber is taken out from the stem and ribbon of the Jute plant through a process called Retting where the jute stems are bundled together and immersed in running water, and the jute fiber is extracted from the retted jute by hand. The Jute fiber is pale yellow redundant. Consider deleting it and about 2-3 meters long.

The Jute yarns

Next, the Jute yarns are processed, woven in automatic textile looms, and made into Jute Fabrics.




If Lamination is needed, it is done by an extrusion process with virgin grade plastic granules in Gloss or Matt finish. On the outside, the Jute looks exactly like Raw jute only but has an additional layer of, which is used to protect & stiffen the fabric & make the bag firm and sturdy.


Fast Color printing is done using Azo-free / Eco-friendly pigments through the Computer-aided Digital Printing process or by the Screen Printing process, which is done manually by our skilled workers. We take great care to match the shade of the colors requested by the clients as per the standard Pantone Color Formula Guide.




The printed Jute Fabric then goes through the process of Cutting. Fabrics are arranged in layers, and Cutting machines are used to cut the fabrics are per the sizes given.


The front & the backside along with the gussets are all stitched together through stitching machines by using a 3-ply Cotton thread of the Color of the Jute fabric.



Final touches

The assigned handles are then fitted into the bags.

Quality Check

Once the mass production of the Bags is completed, the bags are then sent to the QC Department. This is the most important step as the bags go through a strict quality check to ensure it meets International Quality Standards. Our Quality Control team has internally created a self-assessment method where 20-30% of the bags are randomly taken out, checked, and marked for their quality standards and examined if they match all the points agreed upon at the time of the order.



Shipment Ready

The bags then go to the Packing department. We offer two types of Packing: Bulk packing and Individual packing. Our customers usually prefer the bags to be packed in bulk inside the Cartons. On a demand basis, we also individually poly-pack the bags at extra cost that gives another layer of We also individually poly-pack the bags at extra cost as per popular demand to give another layer of protection to the bags at the time of shipment. Finally, the bags are packed and sent in 7-ply Seaworthy Cartons unless otherwise specified.

Your assigned forwarder then picks up

Your assigned forwarder then picks up the packed Cartons and ships them to you. It is either through Sea or Air as per your chosen mode.
We also make Cotton & Recycled bags. The manufacturing process is almost the same as elucidated above.


We Manufacture A Wide Range of Eco-Friendly Home Accessories and Lifestyle Products

Apart from the premium quality fashion bags and shopping bags, we also manufacture other home & lifestyle products made of jute, cotton, and recycled materials. Keep exploring to make the most of our sustainable resources. .

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