On The Footsteps Of a Great Warrior

History has shown us more often than not some individual or a sect stand out from the crowd, protesting against an evil practice others have endured long enough. Such individuals or the sects had to withstand many hardships, fighting against evil practices, often paying heavy penalty for exhibiting such outstanding work, playing the role of forlorn warriors. Richie Bags and fashions P. Ltd may be defined as such a fighter that had waged a crusade against the use of plastic carry bags when people hardly bothered about the toxic nature of such substances. However, a good cause seldom suffers defeat as it happened with Richie Bags, while many companies picked up the trend, making and marketing eco-friendly jute/cotton carry bags, pioneered by Richie Bags since 1969. 

Needles to say, the worldwide banning of plastic carry bags greatly helped these companies gain market share of these products to a great extent, there was diversion too. For example, a company based in Bulgaria hit upon a novel plan of manufacturing these bags in India while marketing the product in parts of Europe, as well as in Middle and Far Eastern countries featuring brand name TOSSA. Meanwhile, let us take a sneak peek at some of the companies spread over several continents that are now marketing eco-friendly Jute/cotton carry bags.

>> BAGOBAG GMBH (Berliner Strasse 69, 13189 Berlin, Germany) is one of the leading European manufacturer/marketer of exclusive jute promotional carrier bags. The company, based in Germany delivers bulk quantity of these products to their American customers or their subsidiaries at concessional price, sometimes offering good credit terms.

>> PAIMEX SRL (Via Della Republica, 1/3/7, 50050 Stabbia-Cerreto Guidi FI) is a leading Italian company that specializes in natural fabric bags, jute and cotton Personalized bags, customized eco-friendly bags and miscellaneous jute and cotton products all over Italy.

>> AWGIFTS EUROPE (Zavarska 10/G 917 01 Tarnava, Slovakia) is considered as Europe’s favorite Gift Wholesaler that maintains sizeable inventory comprising jute/cotton handbag. They also specialize in bulk sale of jute handbags all over Europe. Amazing yet true, the company boasts well over 10,000 Gift Shops that are registered with them, while their regular customer has reached 70,000 individuals.

>> BEFERE REUSABLE BAGS ONLY (Rue des Tanneurs 58 – 62, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium) is a Belgian company that specializes in selling fancy jute bags, along with hundreds of other reusable bags.

>> HANOIPIE (75, Nguyen Xien Street, Hanoi, Vietnam) is a premiere Vietnam retailer that sells jute/cotton carry bags, along with other local products.

>> DIAMOND JUTE DIVERSIFICATION & CO (Stephanstraße10, 60313 Frankfurt, Germany) is one of the leading and most reputed names in jute diversification industry in Europe. They are the renowned manufacturer and most dependable and reliable exporter of jute diversified products with high quality and competitive price. The company is a professionally managed business house offering an excellent range of jute diversified handicraft products.

>> JUTEWORLD EXPORTS (Mirpur Dohs Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh) is a well established export house that specializes in fabricated jute/cotton hand bags.

>> QUALITYJUTE (2 Strong Road, London E7 8EU, United kingdom) is a major suppliers of jute bags and Jute goods worldwide. They supply bespoke jute product to clients on different size, colour and design. They supply jute bag for potato farmers, wheat traders, coffee producers, rice suppliers, bean traders. Quality jute also make bespoke jute shopping bag, jute lunch bag, jute promotion bag, jute sleeper, jute sandal, food grade bag, Jute hessian bag, Jute Hessian cloths, jute sacking bag, jute carpet backing cloth, jute yarn, Jute Twine, jute webbing and jute sliver. Quality jute also supply jute bag for army, civil services, NGOs and construction companies.

>> CREATING BAGS (Andreu Perpinya, 603202 Elche-Alicante, Spain) is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing ecological packing product, mainly comprising jute and hessian.

>> EURO OKPET LTD (Bulgaria) is a Bulgaria registered company with affiliates in the United Arab Emirates that focuses on marketing trendy jute shopping bags manufactured in India under the brand name TOSSA in Middle East and Far Eastern countries.

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