Biggest Joke Of The Year

It took us remorseful number of calendar years to realize that we are fast moving towards destruction and death by ushering in worldwide climate change, caused due to slow but steady global warming that has to be checked by all means. With a view to achieving this goal, constitutional heads of 194 nations met in a conference in Paris during the latter part of 2015, where numerous pledges were made to save the planet from total devastation. Hailed as a landmark international deal and termed as the Paris Agreement on Climate Control, it gained worldwide applause and support by non-member countries, too.


But today in 2019, the whole thing appears to be a big joke, in view of the circumstances outlined below.


  1. Since the day the Agreement was signed by 194 nations ensuring that carbon emissions would be checked, nothing has happened to show the effect. In fact, carbon emissions have risen by 4% (approximately), emissions from fossil fuel sources have increased too [Coal emissions by 1.22%; Oil by 1.7% and gas by 3%]
  2. The Agreement has not proposed any stringent measure to enforce control over the use of carbon, such as imposing tax on it. Even when the vast majority of people fail to appreciate the calamity of it or ignore the issue, the fear of paying tax on it would have brought the desired effect. Hence, use of carbon remains unchecked. In other words, carbon footprint hasn’t diminished at all.
  3. Carbon emission goal enumerated in the Agreement is rather impractical. Not only that, the overall goal, as envisaged in the Paris Agreement (to keep global warming) below 2° Celsius is pretty ambitious too. What’s more, the nationally determined contributions also fall short of the desired limit. The worst part of the whole story is that, even if the signatories to the Paris Agreement stick to their carbon reduction commitments, the earth’s temperature will automatically go up by 3° Celsius by the end of century on its own.
  4. The member countries are lackadaisical about honoring the terms of the Agreement as there is no provision within the Agreement to impose penalty on erring members. Take the case of the big brother country (US) headed by Donald Trump that arbitrarily withdrew from the Paris Agreement. This capricious move on behalf of the United States not only created a bad example but also allowed other countries to follow suit at any later date, thus ridiculing the purpose of the mission.
  5. Paris Agreement has no provision for reinvestment of funds which could pave the way for firmer action. Studies reveal that the most effective way to tackle climate change often culminate in taking investment dollars from  away from erring countries/companies and reinvesting the same in favor of those that actively promote environment and social sustainability.
  6. In many respects, the Paris Agreement mimics Shakespeare’s hilarious comedy entitled “Much Ado About Nothing” as industry leaders and politicians the world over literally sang and danced on the occasion, promising a check on global warming and climate Change. But in reality, nothing has happened to indicate there has been any little dent on prevailing conditions. Then why all this fanfare and pageantry – is it all a joke??

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