Go Green: Say YES To Eco-Friendly Products To Curb Plastic Pollution

A green Earth or a ‘plastic planet’? It’s time to take the pledge to eradicate the single-use plastic in your life and spread the word.

The sad truth of our fast-paced modern life is that we live in a “throw-away society”. We made plastic – the miracle material that has made our modern life possible and now we are drowning in it. No one knows exactly how much plastic waste ends up in the oceans, the last sink of planet Earth. These plastics are causing great harm to marine life and have the potential to destroy ecosystems.

Industrial ecologist Dr. Ronald Geyer said, “We are rapidly heading towards ‘Planet Plastic’, and if we don’t want to live on that kind of world then we may have to rethink how we use some materials, in particular plastic.” Even though it’s impossible to be fully zero-waste overnight in this plastic-filled world, taking small steps can make a huge difference.

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Plastic Pollution – A Serious Problem

Plastics were created in the late 19th century for the first time. However, it was only in the 1950s when people started using throw-away plastics – a trend that has gradually led to the worldwide crisis today.

Here’re a few extraordinary facts and figures along with some thoughts tossed in-

  • 100,000 marine mammals and one million seabirds die every year due to plastic waste in the oceans.
  • Only approximately 9% of the total plastic ever produced has been recycled with 12% of all the plastic waste that has been destroyed. And the remaining 79% of the waste has accumulated in either natural environment or landfill if they are not yet in use
  • In a study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, almost 93% of the people had tested positive for BPA – a potentially harmful chemical that’s present in plastic products.

Do you think the problem is too huge for you to make a positive impact? Think again. Below are a few instances where you can find plastic in your everyday life.

Where’s The Plastic In Your Life?

  • Carrier Bags

The carrier bags that you use for carrying your essentials are made from plastic. Be it for shopping groceries or fashionable items, plastic bags are used everyday.

  • Food Packaging

Cereals, snacks and many other food items come wrapped in plastic. In fact, most meat, cheese and yoghurt are packed in plastic.

  • Personal Care Products

Besides coming in plastic tubes and bottles, many gels, shampoos, moisturizers and creams contain synthetic polymers.

Dr Sylvia Earle- a famous oceanographer, said, “Many of us ask what can I, as one person, do, but history shows us that everything good and bad starts because somebody does something or does not do something.”

Eco-Friendly Alternatives You Can Switch To For Reducing Plastic Pollution

  1. Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

Choose bags from brands that cater to the environment. Instead of using plastic bags, switch to high-quality eco-friendly jute bags that stand the test of time. Available in a range of sizes, these products are the perfect sustainable alternative to the plastic bags. What’s more, when you approach a leading bag manufacturer, you can get eco-friendly products at the best prices.

  1. Reusable Water Bottles

A recent study revealed that in the USA alone, almost 35 billion of these plastic bottles end in landfills and oceans. Try avoiding the plastic bottles and then shift to reusable bottles. Steel bottles are free from BPA that’s a harmful chemical released by using plastic bottles. This is a great alternative to reusable water bottles.

  1. Natural Fiber Clothing

Natural clothes can be the perfect replacement to plastic bags. Sustainable clothes made from cotton or jute won’t shed any plastic fibers when washed. Both jute and cotton are safe and versatile materials that are made from recycled fabric. Also, they use environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods by eliminating the use of dyes and minimize the use of water, energy and chemical.

  1. Environmentally-Friendly Handbags

Approach a reputed eco-friendly bag manufacturing brand that specializes in offering tote bags. Woven from high-quality materials, the eco-friendly tote bag is the perfect alternative to bags made of plastic fibers. When you use sustainable bags, you can be assured that your product won’t end up in landfills or waterways.


Ban Ki-Moon, the former UN Secretary-General, said, “We are using resources as if we had two planets, not one… there can be no Plan B because there is no planet B.”

So, even a small change in your day-to-day lifestyle can make a huge difference in reducing waste. Using eco-friendly products can lead the way to a plastic-free future. Time to reduce plastic waste!

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