Save The Lonely Planet – Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

Surprisingly enough, in less than two hundred years of industrial revolution, we have managed to deteriorate our habitat, the lonely planet that had taken millions of years to make life pleasurable for Adam and Eve.

As a matter of fact, we had behaved like spoiled children, regardless of what we had been doing in the name of civilization –denuding the forests that used to save the ecological balance; ruthlessly burning fossil fuel, thus enhancing carbon footprints; changing the course of rivers that gave rise to floods and even disturbing the world’s highest mountain range, the Everest by building tunnel under it to facilitate the proposed China-Nepal railway system.

What’s more, we had failed to pay heed to the famed few lines of T.S. Elliot who in a moment of ecstasy and wonderment had exclaimed, “Do I dare disturb the universe” (Do I dare disturb the universe, In a minute there is time, For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse). 


However, it is time to reverse the process that will save our lonely planet from destruction and decay in the following manner.

Plant more trees to bring back the ecological balance. This will not only create greener environment but will also improve the air that we and our children breathe. Moreover, trees create an ecosystem to provide better habitat and food for birds and other small animals. Trees absorb carbon dioxide as well as potentially harmful gases, such as sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO), etc from the air and release oxygen. One fully grown tree can furnish a day’s supply of oxygen for at least 4 human beings.

Minimize the use of automobiles to reduce the toxic effect of burning fossil fuel. Either go for car pool where several persons can travel in one car or use bicycle for carbon free transportation. Of course you can use hybrid cars that do not pollute the environment so much as cars that are run by internal combustion engines. But, by Jove, these cost a fortune, to be precise.

Use solar Panels to reduce the demand for electricity generated by power plants that run on coal, oil or other types of fossil fuel.

Discard the use of plastic bags because bags made from plastic or polyurethane are harmful for the environment. Instead, use carry bags made from biodegradable Jute or Cotton that has been pioneered by Richie Bags, a company that is globally recognized by people for its eco friendly properties. In fact, trendy Jute (and Cotton) carry bags made and marketed by Richie Bags are currently being exported to more than 25 world countries that include France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.K. and the USA.

The importers that indent large scale consignments of Richie bags products include food and beverage packing units, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic manufacturing companies, Books and periodicals publishers, wineries and many more.


Jute (and Cotton) Carry Bags made by Richie Bags include a wide array of products, such as:

  • Tote Bag – Brilliantly printed with inscriptions bearing the name of the company that freely distributes these bags as promotional items are much appreciated by loyal customers all over the world.
  • Beach Bag – Packed to the brim with bath towels, UV-corrected Sunglasses, sun screen creams, light refreshment and may be a Agatha Christie paperback, it is an all time favorite with beach beauties the world over.
  • Wine Bag – Red Wine, which doctors recommend as heart healthy drink, when packed in a Wine bag as a gift for a friend or near and dear one has no substitute.


Jute (and Cotton) carry bags made and marketed by Richie bags, premiere organization in the field of eco friendly products can indeed bring about a welcome change to our highly polluted environment. It is the duty of every individual to foster its use, so that in due course of  time the level of pollution reaches a reasonable level where we and our children can breathe safely .



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